Dave Haggerty about the book


I am very impressed with Igor’s book. My personal analysis is that it could be very helpful to parents and coaches who are trying to understand what is the pathway for juniors to transition to the pro game and what is important to have succes making that transition.

The themes that I see reinforced with examples and guidance are some elements that are needed to be successful to make this transition:

Perception, Motivation, Concentracion, Perseverance, Self Confidence

One of my favourite quotes is: Repeat your mistakes until you learn a lesson. I know I have mastered this one:

I also liked the section where Igor wrote about his coaching with Dinara Safina and what is needed to become a champion and the distinguishing characteristics that she embodied:

Dedication,Discipline, Hard Phyisical Work, Trust the Coaches around you, Courage and Determination, Focus and Open to sources of knowledge  are all criteria that I can align around.


Dave Haggerty, US Open tournament director, USTA Chairman

Ivo Karlovic about the book “Anything is possible”


Igor is a great tennis coach and a very good friend with a long experience as a professional player and a coach. His book “Anything is possible” is showing a tennis reality in a tennis world and all the efforts of   a young player who wants to succeed but   has  no financial support. When I red the book I felt really emotional.

Borna Ćorić about the book “Anything is possible”



The best things happen when you connect theory and practical knowledge. Igor Saric in his book „Anything is possible“ just did that. The book is full of practical advices of a former professional player and a coach who went through lot of things.

As a matter a fact this book is not going to show you how to hit the ball, how much top spin you have to add to your forehand shot or when to approach the net. This book is going to show you the most difficult part in tennis and this is how to control your emotions on the court, what to do when it gets tough, how to react when is everything going your way and in many othe situations on the court. Because of that, every player who wants to improve his game has to read Igor’s book „Anything is possible“

Borna Coric, ATP ranking 55, newcomer of the year 2014, winner over Raphael Nadal and Andy Murray

Ivan Dodig o knjizi “Sve je moguće”


Kao profesionalni igrač, jako mi je drago što sam imao priliku pročitati knjigu i pronaći i sebe u mnogim stvarima!! Posebno knjiga dobiva važnost za mene jer je napisana od Igora koji je sve prolazio i prošao isto kao i svi mi profesionalni igraci! Mišljenja sam da se puno moze naučiti iz situacija koje su opisane na mentalnoj ,psihološkoj i igračkoj razini jer je vrlo jednostavna  i razumljiva, a u istom trenutku objašnjava sve situacije u kojim se igrači nalaze u mečevima pod stresom, te kako reagirati u tim teškim i ekstremnim situacijama!

Muno lijepih primjera za sve sve vrste igrača kako poboljsati i unaprijediti  svoji igru! Preporučio bih svim tenisačima koji igraju i žele napredovati te dati novu dimenziju svom tenisu da pročitaju knjigu „SVE JE MUGUĆE“!


As a professional tennis player I am very happy that I had an oportunity to read the book „Anything is possible“, because I could find myself in many situations from the book. It has a great credit because it was written by Igor Saric who passed through everything like every pro player did. We can learn a lot from the situations on psychological level because it describes everything in a very simple way. It describes in what situations the players on the court are, what kind of emotions they feel and how to manage that difficult and extreem situations. Inside there are lots of nice examples for anybody who wants to play and improve their game. If you want to lift your game to a new dimension, read “Anything is possible”, it will help for sure!

Ivan Dodig, number 7 ATP doubles ranking